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Call (435) 674-ENDO


"I just wanted to thank you again for helping me manage the problem I was having with my tooth. I've been around for some time and very few doctors and dentists give you their cell and home numbers. You are a true professional!"

Bob L., St. George, UT

March 2020


"I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to you for taking so much time to examine my teeth. I value your opinion very much."

M. R., St. George

February 2020


"These pictures are worth a thousand words. No wonder I feel so much better! Thank you once again for being a miracle worker with your talent and skills."

A.A.. St. George

November 2019


"Thank you very much for the professional treatment you provided me. You and your staff are wonderful. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to meet all of you."

Terry T.

Mesquite, NV

October 2019


"Thank you for being such an amazing doctor. I know that I'm always in the best hands when I am under your care. My tooth has been a huge pain for you to deal with -- but through it all, none of the pain has been felt by me. I appreciate you more than I can express. Blessings!"

P.L., St. George

October 2019


"Thank you for taking me on as a patient. You practice the way I always dreamed of: the wonderful equipment (microscope, electric hand-pieces) and well-trained assistants, but most of all for following correct principles and taking time to do it right. You are a great asset to the endodontic profession."

S.M., DDS, St. George

October 2019


"Thank you for your kindness toward my husband yesterday!"

J.T., St. George

October 2019


"Thank you so much for the kind, careful and painless root canal on tooth #27. You are by far the best! As ever, a very happy patient..."

Mary B.

September 2019


"I can't say thank you enough for your kindness to me. I've had no problems with my tooth at all, and I'm so glad to have it taken care of!"

D.T., New Harmony

July 2019


"Thank you so much for the exceptional care you took as you did root canals on my parents recently. Neither of them had any discomfort during or after the treatment. You and your staff were so very kind and helpful to them -- they had a great experience. I personally appreciate all you did for them. I was so impressed by the modern technology you use. Thanks for letting me look through your assistants' lenses on the microscope. I know they got the best care possible. Thank you, thank you!"

Brenda H., St. George

April 2019


"Just want to say you all were so nice, thoughtful and patient with an 'old pain'! Thank you!"

S.V., St. George

April 2019


"To An Amazing Team: Thank you for your expertise and extra care to rescue my tooth. It was no easy task, but you did it! Thank you for providing a 'miracle' for me!"

S.S., St. George

March 2019


"I really appreciate you fixing my tooth -- I had some a great experience in your office. Thank you so much!"

Ann L., St. George

March 2019


"I cannot begin to tell you the relief I felt after my appointment with you. Such a calm feeling came over me in your office. I have complete trust in your recommendations. Thank you again!"

Christie J., Cedar City

February 2019

"I would like to say thank you so much for the work on my tooth. I truly appreciate it and again, thanks a million."

Grethe R., St. George

November 2018


"Thanks to you and your amazing staff for doing my two root canals. I tell everyone you're the best. It's true!"

David M., Mesquite

October 2018

"Just a note to say thank you for getting me out of pain. I'm grateful for the dedication to excellence in your craft that enabled you to help me obtain relief and restore my tooth. Thank you very much."

Dan P., Washington

July 2018


"Sometimes it's hard to recognize God's hand in my life. The treatment you provided was a gift and a blessing. I'm grateful beyond words. Thank you with all my heart."

D.O., St. George

March 2018


"How does one express appreciation other than a simple, 'thank you!'? I appreciate your care for me so much. It will be nice to be free of tooth pain! Thank you so much!"

Faye E., St. George, UT

March 2018


"You deserve a lot of credit for the way you've helped me. You and your staff are awesome!"

Sue L., St. George

February 2018 

"Thanks for the great care you took during my root canal. You're quick on your feet and very kind! Also, tell your wonderful staff that I appreciate their wisdom and calmness."

Nancy S., St. George

October 2017


"Thank you for taking such excellent and extended care of our daughter. With appreciation and warm personal regards."

E.W., St. George

October 2017


"My sincerest thanks once again for the excellent care. You are a wonderful endodontist, and I appreciate you and your staff."

Kris M., St. George

August 2017


"Thank you for seeing me so quickly and providing me with great care in every way. Fear, stress and pain are a bad combo, and you were all so sweet. I appreciate you more than words can say."

Amy L., St. George

June 2017


"Thank you so much for the work you did on my tooth. My tooth is doing great, and my dentist says the work you did looks absolutely beautiful! I appreciate how accommodating and kind your staff was in getting me in, and taking good care of me while I was visiting St. George. You have a beautiful office, too! Thanks again."

Suzanne S., Los Angeles

April 2017


"Thank you, Dr. Starr and staff. I really appreciate the care I received in your office. Dr. Starr was always concerned for my comfort and very gentle. My husband and I appreciate Dr. Starr and would highly recommend his services."

Kris M., St. George

April 2017


"I'm sending this note to thank you for your recent dental work on me. I came in to your office without an appointment, at the end of the day. You stayed late to help me with a problem tooth and I'm most grateful. Many thanks to you and your staff."

Gary S., St. George

March 2017


" I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your services. I appreciate your skilled experience and kindness! I noticed you used two word often -- 'thank you,' while working on me, and I was impressed. Also very pain free! Thanks again."

Sadie H., Hurricane

February 2017


"Just a note to thank you and your staff for a great experience. The warmth and friendliness I felt put me at ease right away. You have a great way of explaining things, and I appreciate you making sure I understood all my options. I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone in need of a root canal!"

Liz W., St. George

December 2016


"Just wanted to thank you for the great care diagnosing, explaining options, and your recommendations. I appreciate your kindness in working me in to your schedule, and Meretta made me feel right at home! Wishing each of you a Happy Valentine's Day!"

Lori W., Hurricane

February 2016


"I know you must have lost money on me walking through your door! Thank you for your time and kindness. You're an amazing person and a professional. Thanks!"

Lynette H., Cedar City

October 2015


"Thank for your a painless procedure. Your expertise and pleasant, reassuring manner to a new patient was most appreciated. My dentist was able to cement my crown right away, hence, I'm all smiles again!"

Britt A., St. George

October 2015


"You and your staff were so very kind and professional. I will refer anyone I know with confidence! Thanks so much!"

Thank you notes from patients who have been treated by Steven G. Starr, DDS.Alan J., St. George

July 2015

"Thank you so much for helping with my root canal re-do. You are absolutely the best dentist I have ever been to. Thank you for being so thorough, gentle, kind, and a pleasure to work with. I will let everyone I know how pleased I am with you, your work, and your friendly staff. Warm regards."

Melinda R., St. George

May 2015

" I received your kind thank you note, however, it is I who should be thanking all of you for the excellent treatment and care. My experience was definitely exceptional, and I have conveyed that to my dentist. Kindest regards."

Shirley W., St. George

October 2014


"I don't think a day has gone by this past week that I haven't thought about writing and expressing my gratitude to all of you for the professional experience I had in your office. All of you were so nice. What a great doctor and staff you have. My experience was wonderful. My tooth is great -- how could it help but be?! Thanks so much."

Pauline P., Panguitch

October 2014


"Just a note to let you know that the doctor did a superb job on my tooth. If I need an endodontist again I will run, not walk, to see Dr. Starr. Thank you for being so attentive."

Joe S., St. George

October 2014


"When I arrived at your office I was greeted by an enthusiastic staff and a good doctor. My comfort was a big priority, and I appreciated the thorough and sensitive treatment by you and your skilled staff. I was impressed and happy that I came to you! I also appreciated having my insurance paperwork sent out promptly for me. I left with complete satisfaction and give you and your staff my highest recommendation."

Albert M., Hurricane

September 2014


"You must be tired of hearing so much praise… but you are one of a kind! Thank you so much of everything you've done for me. Your office is so lovely that it is easy to feel comfortable there. The best part is the beautiful Laura -- besides you, of course! Thank you!"

Denise T., Ivins

September 2014


"Let me thank you for spending so much time with me on short notice. It is very much appreciated. I was able to fully enjoy our company from Philadelphia. This was their second trip to St. George and it looks like a real possibility they will retire here. When that happens you will have two more referrals. Thank you!"

Ken L., St. George

August 2014


"Thank you so much for the gracious and kind treatment I received at your office last week. You couldn't see a problem, so you took the time to have me show and explain to you what was bothering me. You listened and cared enough to review my history rather than jump into work I didn't need. Those things don't happen very often in doctors' offices today. Thank you for being a true professional -- in the highest sense of that word!"

Christine B., St. George

August 2014


"I want to compliment you and your staff for your courtesy and professionalism during my visit today. Your staff treated me warmly and gently, and your examination was very thorough. I can see why you came so highly recommended by my dentists' office!"

Philip K., St. George

July 2014


"I can't thank you enough for helping me not make another "dentistry blunder". Thank you for your expertise, time and concern. You are amazing, and I will share your name with all I can."

L. Harris, Cedar City


"Your expertise and dedication to perfection is impressive and a credit to our profession!"

Dr. Ernie L., St. George


"Thank you so much for the pain-free dental visit. Wow! I hardly felt a thing (as you said) and my tooth is feeling great!"



"I was so impressed with your office -- it's so professional. It looked to me as if every person did their job perfectly. I thank you for how hard you worked on my tooth -- it's feeling much better."



"I just want to let you know that I truly appreciate the exceptional service I received from you and your entire staff... I felt better right away because I was very confident that you knew exactly what the problem was and exactly how to fix it. I just can't say enough wonderful things about my visit. Your fees were very reasonable, and the service I received - phenomenal! Who would ever think a root canal could be such a pleasurable experience? Thank you again."



"Number 30 is doing just fine -- feels so much better! I really appreciate all your efforts. Your service and talented staff are the best! Thanks again,"

K. B.


“Thanks for your expertise, kindness and consideration. You and your staff are greatly appreciated!”



"Thanks for your excellent lecture in Reno. It was one of the best we have had -- many of our members have commented how good it was over the last few weeks. Thank you."

Dr. M.M.


"From the moment I stepped foot in your office, everyone was more than helpful...I was so impressed with the front office reception, what a nice first impression; but it only got better. The assistants were delightful, kind, gentle, and truly concerned about my comfort. You were a perfectionist when it came time to do the treatment, which I truly appreciated. Thank you again for such a pleasant experience. I will recommend you to everyone!"



"Thanks to your office I was able to go to Vegas and see Celine Dion with a smile on my face and not be in any pain. You and your staff are great!"



"When I went to you about a year ago, I had a root canal that had not been properly done and I wasn't sure that it could be fixed. You did such a magnificent job fully correcting the problem for me that I have been grateful beyond words. All of it has been truly masterful work by a very gifted artisan."



"Before seeing you, I did not know there was such a thing as a Root Canal Specialist. You may not think it was a big thing, but to me it was. You did such a great job and were able to save my tooth, what a pro! It feels so much better today and I'm so grateful."



"Thank you for the work done on my tooth. I feel confident of your skill, calm manner, and your willingness to answer all my questions."



"Just a note of thanks for your kindness and expertise. As always, your thoroughness ensured a good result. Thanks again to Laura for her warmth and friendliness."



"I can't believe I am writing a thank you note to an Endodontist! Thank you for sensing my discomfort and taking every opportunity to consider my concerns, questions and feelings. I never thought I would say 'Having a root canal was one of the most positive experiences that I have had at a dentists office,' but I'm saying it. Thank you from all the dental-phobes of the world!"



"Every once in a while you stumble upon competence, responsiveness, caring, capacity, true professionalism -- and you can't help but respond with gratitude. Thanks for your efforts!"

C & J G.


"Thank you, Dr. Starr for being such a master of your profession. My life has been changed greatly thanks to ONE GIANT ROOT CANAL!"



"Thanks for being so kind and friendly to me during my recent two visits to your office. I appreciate the expert work you did on my tooth. I'm pleased to report good results with no pain. And by the way, your telephone call that evening to see how I was doing was most gratifying. It is the frosting on the cake for a patient. Also my thanks to your nice staff who were most gracious and helpful."



"Thank you for your gentle and excellent care. I don't think I have ever been treated by a kinder, more caring, or more dedicated doctor. You are a credit to your profession, your community and your family. Thanks to your receptionist, too. She made me feel like a long-time friend."



"Thanks for the great service. You all made having a root canal ALMOST enjoyable!"



"Applause... Bravo... Terrific... Marvelous... Outstanding... Cheers! Thanks you from the depths of my heart for your 'Star' performance on my root canal!"


"Thank you for the prompt, courteous service. I appreciated all the attention given me and the friendly follow-up. I can't remember when I have been treated so well."



"Thanks so much for all you did! After several others, you found the problem and -- no pain! I'm doing well and really appreciate the calls and your concern. Thanks again."